FANCY Teen Girls Awards

Show some love to our future leaders. Join us as we honor teen girls who are making a difference in our community. Come to California Yacht Marina on March 18, 2018 for FANCY Teen Girls Awards. Enjoy a day full of live entertainment, networking plus fabulous speakers. Let us help these girls to have greater educational opportunities. Get your tickets now!

This event will commemorate teen girls who are making a difference in our community through self-love and awareness, exceptional performance in school and extra-curricular activities, volunteer work, activism, creative efforts and unique projects and deserve to be recognized. These young ladies are our future leaders! We want them to continue to be uplifted and supported as we expose them to greater education opportunities and YOU can HELP!

This is a fun and exciting event with an opportunity for youth and adult attendees to show up in fashion forward attire, and enjoy the youthful energy of a great host and live entertainment. The dressy-casual luncheon will include fabulous speakers, live entertainment, and networking!

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