The Amerland Group was founded in 2001 with the goal to create and preserve affordable rental housing in the Western United States. By primarily specializing in the preservation of HUD projects, The Amerland Group was able to provide high quality, service-enriched housing for America’s workforce and Senior populations. Over the next 10 years, over 3,000 units were developed in California, New Mexico, and Colorado.

Case De Vallejo Fire
In 2008 a fire broke out at a Senior property owned by The Amerland Group. The fire was started by a cigar, which was being smoked by a resident who tragically died of natural causes. Three other residents lost their lives as a result, and initially fire investigators deemed it an accident. In June 2010 criminal charges were filed against the principals of the company, but they were ultimately dropped when it was discovered that the alleged failure of one of the fire alarm systems was caused by a third party company and not through negligence of The Amerland Group.

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In 2013, because of the negative press associated with this unfortunate event, The Amerland Group closed its doors.  The Amerland Group website is now operates as an Industry News and Events site for purposes of providing up to date reporting on issues surrounding affordable rental housing.